When computers work they can really enhance our lives, but the trouble is when they don’t you can feel you are diving into a minefield. Costly helplines and visits to a repair shop are just not solving the problem and you end up feeling helpless.

Don’t worry, because help is at hand.

Whether your computer has failed, you have a virus or you are trying to install new software we can help. We can provide advice and help with the following:

• Hardware installation – printers, scanners, additional memory
• Software installation
• Virus protection
• Data retrieval
• Network and broadband installation
• Installing VOIP (using the telephone over the internet)
• Setting up the internet
• Correcting computer problems

If your problem isn’t mentioned in this list, give us a call and chat about your needs.

As well as installing equipment and software we can often supply at competitive prices too, so be sure to check us out.

For more information call 01256 33 33 23